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Voice actor and “Speak EZ” host Alan Mendez joins me in discussing various conspiracy theories and cover-ups.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the DC Comics power rings made their way into the Marvel Comics universe? I’m joined this week by Josh Nivens as we discussed this very thing. A really interesting episode full of comic book theories and laughs.

I am joined once again by my wife Jamie as we conclude our discussion on D&D player classes and character concepts.

My wife Jaime joins me as we discuss the various player classes in Dungeons & Dragons and give character concepts that we have created through our years of gaming.

In kind of a throwback Style to my first few shows, I present a show solely based on my opinions on comics. I’ll talk about some of my favorite characters and titles.

Voice actor Steve Farmer joins me again as we discuss our reactions to the latest film featuring the Marvel superhero Spider-Man. We also discuss how this one Stacks up against the previous films.

Mega nerd Heath Pryor joins me as we discussed everything we like and admire how about filmmaker actor Kevin Smith

With a new Planet of the Apes movie coming out I’m joined by George Jones as we discuss everything about this popular film franchise

I do a reaction to the film Wonder Woman and discuss girls kicking ass in movies books and TV. Guests this week are Dana Tigert and Shirlee McKay

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