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What is “The Slipstream”? And what happens when our heroes get caught in it? Some things are sure to go awry…while others get turned upside down!

What happens when our time traveling heroes get whisked back to ancient Egypt and the android, Kairos, is worshiped as a god? And how will wonky time powers disrupt the flow of things? Tune in to find out! With guest voices Calvin York, D.D. McCaskill, Bob Mauldin, Mike McCaskill, and Jim Collins!

The future ain’t what she used to be! The TAMAREX robots are hiding a secret that Jericho uncovers with sadness and shock. The evil Barry Carpenter reveals his devastating scheme, and Old Jericho makes a horrendous decision. Will anyone survive?

The future gets darker by the minute and everything we think we know is wrong. The future Jericho is tainted and obsessed…with his goals. Jessie is captured and the ultimate evil…Barry Carpenter…makes himself known.

A new adventure begins in a dystopian future that no one sees coming! Elias, Jessie, and Jericho land in the year 5069 in the middle of a nightmare! Beware the TAMAREX! (This episode written by Jason McKay and George Jones)

Jericho finds himself more than fascinated with this strong woman from the depression era in Earth’s past and this causes his decisions to be slightly skewed. Elias arrives with the fever of time sickness burning in his brain. And Jessie fights to keep everything from going to hell.

It all begins here! Meet our time traveling friends as they learn exactly what it means to try to fix the problems with the space time continuum. It’s going to be a hell of a ride!

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