In this episode we take you down memory lane to some classic movies and classic tunes that are guaranteed to remind you of Christmases past and memories you cherish!

A bunch of hicks try their hand at sex, a big headed singer bullies the competition, a simpleton buys a gun, a dog transporter faces deadly chihuahuas, and much more in this loony bin!

First we get to hear one of horror legend, Vincent Price’s, creepy tales of Terror…and then science fiction horror master, Phillip K. Dick, teaches us horror comes in many shapes!

Guest Host, George Jones, takes us through some of the most entertaining and also risque novelty and parody tunes of the last 60 years! Start with “Little Space Girl” and end with “Because I’m Too White” and enjoy the journey in between!

In this episode we get to hear Vincent Price tell us one of his all time favorite horror stories! Then listen to the two short horror features about keeping a very special appointment and keeping a good watch! Check out the groovy and ghoulish tune called “Quiet Little Town” by Zachariah and finish it all […]

This trilogy of terror features a macabre tale of a pesky imaginary friend…a body that won’t stay dead…and a phone call from beyond! Get ready to be creeped out!!

In tonight’s show we begin with three short tales of abject terror in which a haunted bus stop, a funeral viewing and a looking glass bring more shivers down your spine than cold weather! Then the master of macabre fantasy spins a creepy yarn in “The Spirit of Tom Molyneaux” by Conan creator Robert E. […]

Great music and lots of info shared by Scuba Steve!

First up in this episode is a tale by Lovecraft called”He” in which a terrible darkness lurks in the streets of old New York. Then Robert Howard takes us on a harrowing sea adventure that will chill your bones!

Creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night fill our episode this week! It’s a double whammy from two of the masters of the genre when we share “From Beyond” by H.P. Lovecraft and “Carsonetto’s Last Song” by Robert E. Howard! We round out the episode with a series of short creepy tales […]

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