The Back Room

In this episode we take you down memory lane to some classic movies and classic tunes that are guaranteed to remind you of Christmases past and memories you cherish!

Guest Host, George Jones, takes us through some of the most entertaining and also risque novelty and parody tunes of the last 60 years! Start with “Little Space Girl” and end with “Because I’m Too White” and enjoy the journey in between!

Mouse and the Traps, legendary Tyler band, joins Scuba Steve in the studio and discuss music, history, and what the future holds!

This girl is the bomb diggety! The sultry sounds of this beautiful lady will haunt your dreams!

Amazing music from an amazing duo! These cats are the real deal! Check it out!

Tune in to hear the radio debut of the new single “Moonlight”. And hear Scuba Steve rant mindlessly for about an hour. LOL.

Join guest host, Eric Nivens as he takes us down the list of his favorite remakes and cover songs! It’s a fun and enjoyable ride!

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