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Let’s end this year with a fun episode! Tonight we feature some of the greatest commercial jingles of all time! We dare you to listen to the whole thing and not hum along or even sing out loud! We bet you will remember most of these fun ear worms!

Enjoy an hour of uninterrupted Celtic versions of the Christmas music you know and love!

It’s the holidays here at the Back Room and we decided the best gift we could give to you was over an hour of fun, new and old Christmas music, uninterrupted by commercials or our chatter! We hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas!

Our guests tonight are a cool couple of guys who do very different things in the musical world. Eric Nivens hosts his own radio show called “Nerd’s Eye View” and does emcee work for various concerts and shows and has been a DJ for several events. Bradley Collins is a musician and emcee who is […]

We have a little magic on this episode! Stage performer and traveling show people, Elliot Berard and Destynnie Hall are amazing and very entertaining guests! Learn about the awesome things they do and the places where you can see them perform!

Host David Matti interviews Rock and Roll Artist Brian Steward and learns the life of an artist can be awesome!

Host, David Matti, W/Guest George Jones, takes a time out to discuss upcoming events in the east Texas Area. Plans are revealed and the discussion of what is going to make Tyler a mecca for entertainment is brought to light! AND we get to hear a little montage of “Nazareth” and “Freda Payne”! What more […]

You will feel the music flow through your soul in this live in studio recording with these near legendary blues performers! Prepare to be blown away!

Chris Caban will blow you away with his original electronica music that carries you through the moods and nuances of life!

When guests Jeremy Nagle, Hollie Harper and Alan Mendez (all stars of “Paranoria, TX”) join host David Matti…it turns into a hilarious discussion about their favorite songs of the 1980’s! Take a trip down a musical memory lane with these nuts!

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