Paranoria TX

Jericho does a bad thing and ends up paying for it in a typical Paranoria way!

It’s time for Kim Jong to PAY!!! But it’s also time for Christmas…and for some important decisions to be made.

Still reeling from the death of Ernest Nettleton, the gang begin to piece things back together. And of course, the act of war committed by a certain “rocket man” can’t go unpunished. Featuring guest star, Lee Shults, as Maxine McAgnes

Kim Jong’s insane attempt to destroy Paranoria comes to a head and the results are devastating.

Ernest has made it back to the island that is lost in time and space. Unfortunately Cora the witch is waiting for him with a twisted agenda…and of course all he wants to do is find the love of his life…Sophia. Surprises are in store for all involved!

There were a few events that happened before the success of “operation world domination”…and a few of those things are very important for you to know before we resume our cataclysmic climax! This story happens just before Ernest agrees to help with Jericho’s mad scheme. And love is on the line…

Hungry for more adventures from the Jericho Gang while waiting for that last cliff hanger is resolved? Check out our first mini-episode, Date Night, where Jonah and Tammy try their hardest to spend some quality time together. Unfortunately for the two them, the rest of the gang don’t quite have the same idea. Plus, Camilla […]

You won’t believe it! The gang might actually achieve their original ultimate goal…maybe. And a wedding and a birth are coming to Paranoria!

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